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Turkey Day is over but you still have Turkey left. Now What?

Thanksgiving was a day to focus on spending time with the family.  Black Friday was another story. And now it is the day after the day after Thanksgiving and there is still turkey leftover. So, what are you going to do. Our friend, Carissa Rogers, from Good n' Crazy has three of our favorite ideas for leftover Turkey.
What's your favorite way to use leftover Turkey?

Spectacular Mom Moments

There's laundry, dinners, lunches, homework, boo-boos, cleaning house, running errands, and a million other things that fill up our days with those moments that we often let define being a Mom.  But every now and then we have that one magical moment where the planets align and we know just exactly the right thing to say at exactly the right moment. I like to call those "The Mom Moment".  It is that moment that elevate us from regular mom/housewife to Super Mom.  Here is one of those moments.
Ok so Dean was in the kitchen cooking breakfast this morning and I hear Tyler scream "I am not eating eggs they come from the chickens butt !" Dean is trying to reason with him and now the yelling match is on. I walk into the kitchen and say well making brownies has come to an end because they have eggs. Tyler looks at me and says can we talk about this. I say no and walk off. Guess who is eating the eggs for breakfast and begging for brownies today !Thanks Rhonda!

Christmas Read Aloud Book

During the holidays it is easy to get caught up in all the excitement.

It's important to remember that Thanksgiving is about giving Thanks and Christmas is about spreading Joy.  Sharing the news of great joy.  It is a magical time that can, and should, be filled with magical moments.  
This is one of the reasons we have gathered some of our favorite Christmas poems, songs, and lullabies in the Stay at Home Mom Christmas Read Aloud book.

When things get a little crazy in the next few weeks remember to sit down and have some quiet time together.  Reading aloud is a great way to share those quiet moments together.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday.  We don't exchange gifts we only get together to give thanks and share a meal.  It's fantastic.

Oftentimes though we hear of stressful and hectic holidays filled with unmet expectations and overbearing Mothers-in-law.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

It can be, as advertised, a day to give thanks.

One thing we have done to keep things calm is to write it all down.  Years (and years) ago we were looking at hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our house for the first time.  We had our new family Thanksgiving traditions that we thought were a perfect blend of traditions from my side of the family and from my husbands.  But now we were bringing those two sides together and we feared a shift in the space time continuum.  So, my husband did a brilliant thing.  He sent out the menu in advance.  If mothers-in-law wanted to give their input they could do it before Thanksgiving but on that day there was going to be no discussion about what was bei…


You may have thought October was a busy month.  We're just getting started.

Big things going on in November.


This year we have the elections in the states.  Everyone get out and vote.  Even if your state leans toward one candidate or another it is still important to get out and vote.  There are plenty of local issues that need your input too.  VOTE.  It is your privilege and your right.


October was Breast Cancer Awareness month. November is a month dedicated to cancer's that hit the guys in their guy parts.  Wear your mustache in proud solidarity of all of those people in your life battling cancer.
READ MORE HERE about Movember.


Moms! Do you know the impact you can have on your child's life by spending just a little time with them playing video games.  It's amazing. Not only will it provide a positive experience for your child but you also get an insight into their thoughts by playing games with them AND it's fun.  Find out how easy it…