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Summer Fun AND Giving Back - There's an App for that

by Mary Heston

Want to have some summer fun AND give back at the same time?  It is super easy with this new fun App.  (Note: This app was brought to our attention through a campaign by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, Walmart, and Johnson & Johnson)


The Donate a Photo app is available on the iTunes store and Play Store for Androids. It is super easy to use and a fun way to share your pictures and help out the Children's Miracle Network at the same time.  You can donate one picture a day.  For us, it has been fun to share our pictures but it has also been really fun to see what other pictures are being shared too.

One fun summer activity is to have a photo scavenger hunt.  Our friends in San Diego recently did this with their entire family and one of the pictures that they had to get on the scavenger hunt was "everyone in the air".  They managed to get a great picture with all 5 of them mid-jump.  This is not an easy picture to get but when you do…