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Was Summer Just A Dream?

by Corri Riebow

It feels as though we've fallen seamlessly back into the old school routine. In the weeks leading up to the first day of school there was a lot of anxiety in all of our hearts and a feeling of needing to cram everything we had yet to do into those last few days.

We took our annual vacation, this time renting a house on Lake Michigan in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It was a wonderful week of relaxing with family and my daughter enjoyed days of playing non-stop with her cousins while the rest of us could actually relax. I read 3 books while we were there....the most I've read in months. And she actually asked to go to bed on her own... something that almost never happens at home!

Coming back to reality after a trip like that is always a little abrasive. Last minute school shopping and play dates you planned on having all summer that had yet to happen. The last week before school started my neck went out, my husband got sick, then I caught it as well. Definitely n…

We will always remember

Today we remember all the families that were shattered in those few short hours.  A beautiful sunny day that began as just any other day but ended up changing our world forever.

Today we also send out our prayers to the young children and families around the world who are still being terrorized by the same people who would fly planes into buildings.

In a story out of Yemen today a young 8 year old girl died after her wedding night because of internal injuries.  This is horrific.

Childhood should be a time of innocence. It should be a time of self discovery and wonder.  It should not be a time of terror and slavery.

Today I am saying a prayer for all of the families in the US who were affected by the events of 9/11/2001 and I am also sending out my prayers to all the children who are facing that same terror each and every day.