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Thank a Teacher Day

Many people are also wearing Green and White today - these are the school colors of Sandy Hook Elementary School to stand in solidarity with all of those mothers and families that are struggling with the enormity of this tragedy right now. So, thank a teacher today and give your kids an extra hug. Continue the conversation on the Stay at Home Mom Google+ community

Join the Conversation!

One of the great things about being a Stay at Home Mom today is that we are never really alone.  When we need help with something all we have to do is reach out and chat with another Stay at Home Mom online. We encourage you to join the conversation with Stay at Home Mom facebook Facebook   Let's share each others pages and  talk about what is going on   in the Stay at Home Mom world of Facebook . Google+ Google+ Have you ever joined in a "Hangout" we are going to have some fun Hangouts in the New Year.  Join us on Google+ communities for great conversations and hopefully some inspiration. On the Website! We would love to hear from you.  Do you have an article that you would like to share with other Stay at Home Moms?  Are you a budding journalist?  Send us your article for consideration to support [at] - include any image you would like included just make sure it is not infringing on anyone's copyright