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Sorry! Do you let your kids win to build their confidence?

At a recent visit to a friends house we decided to pull out the game Sorry and play.  If you have never played Sorry you really should give it a try.  It is a very simple, fast game which makes it great for young players.  The goal is to take your four pieces from their home to the finish line.  You do this by picking a card on your turn and following the directions.  Some cards move you forward and some move you backward.  But there are a few Sorry cards in the deck and when you choose that card you get to take the place of any other player and send them back to their home starting point.  This can create a great advantage for you but it is pretty brutal for the person who gets sent home.

So we pulled out the game and looked around at each other and realized that each one of us was wearing a different color tshirt that matched the colors of the pieces of the game.  So we decided that if you were wearing yellow then you would play as the yellow pieces etc.

The game was clicking right…

Keep Your Kids Entertained When Out to Dinner

by Amy Sanborn

You're out at dinner, you've just put in your order, and now your child starts to fuss. He's hungry, he wants to play with toys, and he doesn't want to be stuck in a high chair. You can't walk away from food you just ordered, yet you have to find some way to appease your child before they disrupt neighboring tables. So what do you do?
Unfortunately, this is a situation that almost any parent of a young child can relate to. According to, children between ages two and four seem to be particularly prone to bad behavior in restaurant settings. By taking a few preventative measures and having a plan of action in place, parents can reduce the risk of bad behavior by their children and have greater confidence in their ability to enjoy a meal out on the town. Here are some strategies to help keep your child entertained throughout dinner:

Pack a snack or feed them before you go
Hungry kids can get irritated quickly. And young, irritated children ca…