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Back to School coloring time

For many kids it is back to school.  They have to think about what they are going to wear and what backpack they are going to use and who will be in their class this year and who are they going to sit by at lunch.  So many things to think about.

But for the younger brothers and sisters it can be a confusing time.  Why is their older brother or sister getting all dressed up and leaving them every day.  Where are they going?  What do they do all day?

Here are a couple of fun pictures for the little ones to color with a back to school theme.  They can even draw a picture of their sibling in the school bus window.

And you know when you are at school you learn alot and become as smart as the wise old owl.  So here are a couple of owls to color.

To print off your own Alphabet Coloring Book CLICK HERE
Happy Coloring!

Kids learning about Geology without getting their hands dirty


Being a Stay at Home Mom: Yeah, apparently it's a status thing

So, you're pregnant and you have a great job.  You are deciding between taking maternity leave and then going back to work OR becoming a Stay at Home Mom.  Was status the turning point for you in the decision making process?  Status that is as a Stay at Home Mom.

In an article from WebMD

"It used to be more popular and widely accepted for moms to work," says Cara Gardenswartz, PhD, a clinical psychologist in independent practice in Beverly Hills, Calif. "There's been a backlash, because right now, there's actually more status to not be a working mom."

So, why did you choose to be a Stay at Home Mom?

Why is there a continual effort to pit Working Moms against Stay at Home Moms?  As women we do need to support each other and do our best to support families everywhere.  Every person is different, every woman is different, every family is different.

We have heard the arguments that play on women's guilt to stay at home with…

The end of common courtesy

by Mary Heston
Sr. Editor

Have we become a world of barbarians?  Do we no longer feel the need to be courteous to one another?

When you have your first child the world really does seem to revolve around you and your baby.  And it should!  You should have complete focus on taking care of your baby and yourself and your family.  There are, of course, other people in the world who have chosen not to have children and there are parents whose children have grown up and they no longer are taking care of babies.  In each case we need to be respectful of each other's situation.

For people not traveling with children it is the right thing to be courteous of the mother who is schlepping 5 bags and two kids on her way to visit grandma for the first time.  Grandma, you can travel with one carry on bag and so perhaps you might want to consider visiting your grandchildren instead of expecting them to schlep their way to you.  I know this isn't always possible but it i…

What is your Stay at Home Mom Job Description

For many Stay at Home Moms it is that dreaded moment at a social gathering when she is asked "What do you do?"  For me it was a bit of a challenge at first.  I had graduated from a prestigious college and gone on to work at a number of career building jobs.  But then there was that moment when our first born was born and I knew I wanted to be home for my kids even after they went off to school.  This is a challenge many Stay at Home Moms face.

Here is a great article from a Stay at Home Mom about that dreaded question "What do you do?"


On a budget? There is still time for a great family getaway to the Midwest!

Moms, Take the Fam on a Budget Trip to the Midwest This Summer
by Gwen Little

For traveling moms on a budget, Wisconsin Dells is a premiere location for family vacations. The small square mileage has everything from waterparks to resorts to shopping to restaurants within a short distance, and there are plenty of discounts and specials. Here are five ways to save money and get a deal on your next family vacation.

1. Take advantage of multiple night discounts
Many hotels in the Dells area give you discounts if you're staying for three or more nights, and with as much as there is to do, you're probably going to want to stay as long as possible. Look into hotels with rooms that offer microwaves and mini-fridges at the very least. Book a full kitchenette preferably, to cut down on restaurant dining costs.

2. Map out local grocery stores
Kids can eat you out of house and home if you aren't careful, and it's no different on vacation. Instead of trying to manage a huge restaur…

Are you happier as a Stay at Home Mom?

Are you happier as a Stay at Home Mom?  If you live in the UK your answer just might be YES.


Whether you believe the outcome of the study or not the one thing that is most interesting to me is the fact that being a Stay at Home Mum in the UK is one of the most expensive propositions for moms around the world.

Being a Stay at Home Mom is an awesome thing. We are a happy bunch.  Now we just need to support each other and campaign for equal rights in the eyes of our legislators everywhere.  There shouldn't be a penalty for staying at home with your kids.