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Kids on Social Media: What to Do When They Ask About It

Your baby is growing up.

When we have kids, we pretty much raise them one age group at a time: as babies, toddlers, pre-teens, etc. Every decision we make contributes to the adults that they become.

Social networking is everywhere. If your kid has ever been outside, he knows about social media. He may not call it that, but he knows about Facebook. He knows about Twitter. He knows about YouTube. What he doesn’t know is the complications of a technologically driven, social-media-engaged society.

And so it comes. A day childhood innocence dies: “Mom, can I get a Facebook account?”

Here are some things you can do to ease your child into social media awareness before he takes the plunge.
Join Your KidHaving a social media account is a pretty big responsibility, even for adults. You have to watch what you say, be careful about voicing opinions, and adhere to the adage, “Less is more.” Your child needs to know that.

Facebook is the number-one social network in the world. Consider these facts:

TOS &…