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Fussy Baby? 5 Ways to Treat an Earache

During the holidays the last thing you want is a baby who just isn't feeling that great.  But how do you know if they are just being fussy or if there is something really wrong?  Read this guest post by Theresa Silva check the bottom of the page a special entry from StayatHomeMom for a very helpful prize. 

Fussy Baby? 5 Ways to Treat an Earache
by Theresa Silva

It’s been 48 hours, and your child still won’t stop wailing. Ear pain can be excruciating, for both infants and parents. Ear infections cause significant pain in one or both ears, which may last several days. Keep in mind that earaches are often accompanied by other symptoms, including a low grade fever, increased fussiness, repeated bouts of crying and irritability. It’s challenging to soothe a nonverbal infant because you can’t ask about the pain, but attempting several methods to treat the earache is a smart parenting choice.
Ear DropsMany formulations of ear drops are available over-the-counter, although their exact compone…

Wii Fit U Test

One of the big questions we have been getting from moms this season is what to do about console video games.  Should they buy a Wii or an Xbox or a Playstation or is there something else?  And what about all those games?  Which game is the best?

Every family is soooo different and has different styles of playing together that it is not always easy just saying "Wha-LA!* Here is your Answer!"

But the great thing is that you don't have to take my word for it.  Our friend Andy Robertson has a fantastic YouTube channel that will help you with this important decision.  You can see these consoles and games in action and decide for yourself which device / game will work best for your family.
In the most recent addition to the channel Family Gamer TV reviews the Wii Fit U.  
Years and years ago (like Jordan in the video) I really got into Wii Fit.  I loved it and it really worked for me. One of the primary benefits for me was just being aware of my BMI and being able to set goals for…

CyberMonday Tablets for Young kids: How young is too young?

How Tablets & Educational Games Affect Childhood Development
by Rafael Pittman

Sales for Apple iPads have increased by 22 percent during its most recent quarter, says Apple CEO Tim Cook on The company also reports a 94 percent tablet market share in education, securely positioning the iPad as a fun learning tool for classrooms and households. Tablets are revolutionizing how children play and learn, whether they are playing a learning-based game on an iPad or a game on the LeapPad Ultra tablet.

Babies Using Tablets
How young is too young for children to use iPads? Based on research, it's subjectively never too young to expose your little one to technology. Digital devices are becoming increasingly more essential, and young children are also engaged in those devices. Thirty-eight percent of children age 2 and younger use mobile media, such as tablets, according to the Fall 2013 Common Sense Media study "Zero to Eight: Children's Media Use in America 2013.&q…