Summer Book Club for all ages

It almost seems incredible but I have heard people say to me "I just don't have time to read". That is the precise reason a person must read! And for those of you who have caught yourself saying that then make your first book one on time management.

YES! We do have time to read.

When our kids are very little we must read to them. The more we read to them the more they will grow up loving books.

Kids love books that they can grab ahold of and turn the pages and look at the silly pictures even before they have a sense that there are words on those pages. But the more we read to them the more they figure it out.

And when you have little kids like this in your house it might seem like you don't have time to read but you don't always have to read baby books to them. There was a great scene in the movie Three Men and a Baby where Tom Selleck's character was reading Sports Illustrated or some other grownup magazine to the baby. It didn't matter what the book wa…

Intentionally planned Nothing to Do

Summer vacation is near and as Moms we all dread the words "MOMMMM, I'm Borrrrred". But I say Let them Be Bored! Make sure you intentionally plan days during your summer break when there is nothing on the calendar and nothing to do.

Our kids are growing up in a much different time than we did. There is constantly something going on or some show to watch or some game to play. As a Mom we want the best for our kids and we are always trying to provide them with constructive activities that will foster their sense of imagination and educational growth. But it is also important to show them that they can be fine on their own without a million other things going on. We don't need to provide them with art supplies so that they are constantly busy. We can have books lying around and other items for them to play with but let them figure it out on their own.


One thing we used to do when the kids were younger was to tell them that our TV / Computer Screen wa…

Memorial Day Weekend and Great Moms

Welcome Back!

Life always does seem to come full circle. We take care of our kids and then they take care of us. But first we are those children who were raised by the people in our lives that we most look up to. In some cases they don't always deserve our admiration but they always get it. In those lucky cases (like mine) we are blessed with a Mom who not only gives us a safe environment where we can grow and develop our own talents before leaving the comforts of home to take on the great big world, but also they make it really really fun along the way.

We have been on a little hiatus here taking care of one of the worlds most amazing Stay at Home Moms. She lived life every single day. Not just lived it but celebrated it. The short version of the story is that cancer sucks. The even shorter version of the story is that we were lucky to have a Mom in our lives who, up to her last breath, was looking forward to the next party.

Memorial Day has become mostly just a three day weekend…

5 Tips for Creating a Healthy Environment for Kids

Guest Post by: Jana Free

Moms want the best for their kids. They want their children to feel good and to be happy. They want them with smiles on their faces and joy in their heart.

As a mom, do you often wonder if there is some kind of magic object that you can pull out of a hat, or a magic spell you could cast, to create this perfect scenario? I’m pretty sure there’s no object or spell, but I do know that a healthy environment is like a magic wand that can keep kids’ eyes bright and their bodies full of good energy.

How do we moms create a healthy environment for our kids? We focus on keeping physical spaces clean and we do more. We make sure that each aspect of our kids’ lives is as free from toxins as we can get it. Which means we look at the food we eat as well as the attitude we keep.

The following are 5 tips for creating a healthy environment for kids.

1. Model Good Food Choices

Children usually eat what they’re served and what they see others eating. As moms, it’s important that we s…

Great Summertime Ukulele Memories

Some of my best memories from childhood were those sitting around a small campfire in our backyard with smores and my mom playing songs to sing along to on her ukulele.

Learning the ukulele is really pretty simple not just for moms but also for kids. It is a great way to introduce musical instruments for kids since a ukulele is already kid sized.

It is made even simpler to learn thanks to YouTube.

So get started here and soon you will be playing like this:

And of course the ultimate classic by Brother Iz:

Happy Strummin' !!!

In case the videos don't load properly here are the links

Ukulele Lessons:

Jake Shimabukuro

Over the Rainbow:

What the Zika virus really means to a real mom and what it means to all of us

Whether you are pregnant, or thinking about getting pregnant, the Zika virus is something that has been brought to our attention and something we are now all thinking about.
There are so many other things that we have to think about when considering doing "everything" we can to ensure a healthy baby. This virus is scary because it seems like it just came out of nowhere and is now an epidemic.
There is so much about it that we don't know.
This article in the Washington Post puts a real face to the Zika virus and is a must read for every woman whether you are planning on having children or not.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE:
What this amazing mom of two girls with
has to say about Zika scare
In another report out this week the CDC has recommended that any woman who is considering having children and is not on birth control should consume zero amounts of alcohol. None. They suggest that a woman may not realize she is pregnant at first and that initial developmental tim…

Thanksgiving Countdown: Kids in the kitchen

Growing up my Grandfather would always take all of the kids on a really long walk on Thanksgiving day. It was always a fun adventure but as it turns out there was an alternative motive to this outing. Mom and Grandma would stay behind and have a calm and quiet kitchen to work in and when we got back we would be pretty worn out from the walk and so we would play board games or other quiet games until dinner was ready.

This morning I saw a segment on a morning show about crafts to keep the kids busy - and "out of the kitchen" - on Thanksgiving day.

While we love crafts, and we love a good outing on Thanksgiving morning, we also think kids Should be in the kitchen on Thanksgiving.

Here are some Stayathomemom Tips for Kids in the Kitchen on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is about coming together as a family and giving thanks for all of our blessings. Each person in the family is a part of that blessing and brings something to community.


Give each kid their own Apron to make…