What the Zika virus really means to a real mom and what it means to all of us

Whether you are pregnant, or thinking about getting pregnant, the Zika virus is something that has been brought to our attention and something we are now all thinking about.

There are so many other things that we have to think about when considering doing "everything" we can to ensure a healthy baby. This virus is scary because it seems like it just came out of nowhere and is now an epidemic.

There is so much about it that we don't know.

This article in the Washington Post puts a real face to the Zika virus and is a must read for every woman whether you are planning on having children or not. 

In another report out this week the CDC has recommended that any woman who is considering having children and is not on birth control should consume zero amounts of alcohol. None. They suggest that a woman may not realize she is pregnant at first and that initial developmental time for the fetus is vital. Any level of alcohol can be problematic.


If you bought every book on how to prepare for pregnancy and childbirth you would never have time to read them all - Tons of people have great ideas on how to prepare for and have the most healthy baby possible. So how do we know how to get to the most important information without making ourselves crazy? (that's not healthy for the baby...)

Just as in anything:

  1. Pay attention to yourself and keep yourself healthy
  2. Get enough sleep (at least as much as possible). One great way to facilitate this is to put the digital devices away at night.
  3. Live a life in Balance - Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Social, and Financial
  4. Reduce Stress by prioritizing what is really important and what is just fluff (it's mostly fluff)
  5. Smile. Alot. Laugh and Smile every day.

Stay informed but not scared. Life is a wild ride and kids definitely add to the thrills.


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