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Worlds Toughest Job

#WorldsToughestJob (way to go! )

I am a Stay at Home Mom and, yes, I do work

Below is a letter from Stay at Home Mom Britney Dickens that she shared with us recently: I work 12+ hour shifts as a house cleaner, chef (meaning not only cook the food but I make the recipe on the menu), nutritionist, childcare provider, nurse, teacher, and counselor all in one day. I do this seven days a week, consistently. I do this for free, I volunteer this time and have done this for 3 years straight. Now I work double-time and have done this for 16 months.  I've had people tell me I can't keep a job, but I think what I do is harder than what you do, by far. If you walked a day in my shoes, you would be sore, aching, and most likely had enough of it. Now I will be doing school at night as well as a f/t online student. I work 12+ hours a day as 7 different job titles + more, without pay. I volunteer my time....why the heck would I do this? Because I am a stay at home mom - a homemaker.  I love my children enough to dedicate my life to them, free of charge. I work

Most Creative Mom of the Day Award

And the most creative Mom of the Day Award goes to the Mom of two young boys (4ish and 6ish) at the pizza parlor. There was a going away party going on for a woman at a nearby pizza parlor and one of the guests brought her two active boys with her.  This was definitely ok especially considering that the party was being help at a pizza parlor.  But when the pizza was slow in coming out of the kitchen the boys got antsy (as boys do).  They began running all over the pizza parlor and embarrassing their mother.  The other guests didn't seem to mind because the boys were active but not rude.  But the Mom was desparate to get her boys to settle down. She didn't have any of their toys with her so she had to improvise.  Thinking quickly, she took a couple of the paper placemats from the table and she found a free ads newspaper near the door of the pizza place.  In the newspaper she found a couple of pictures of cars that were for sale and so she ripped out the pictures of the ca

I want to be a Super Mom but I hate the Mess!

Ugh!  During the winter the kids are cooped up inside playing board games and video games but then springtime comes and we can open up windows and doors again.  Spring Cleaning is in full swing at our house and it's exhausting. At the end of the day, as I sit on the couch, looking back at one closet that is only slightly a little more clean than it was this morning, I still have a moment when I aspire to be a super Mom and whip up fun and educational projects for my kids. Then the thought of Easter egg dye getting everywhere starts to bring images of double scrubbing counter tops to get them clean again and I am even more exhausted than when I first sat down. But I don't have to worry (right?).  We live in the era of the Internet and Pinterest. Surely I could just go to my favorite search engine and type in Best Non Messy Easter Projects and pages and pages of results would pop up.  Apparently, Messy Kids are more prevalent than Non Messy Kids with Exhausted parents. Bet