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Lost in Suburbia on TV

Check out my friend Tracy Beckerman on Good Day NY.  Lost in Suburbia is one of our summer reading books and our Mothers Day giveaway book.

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Ooh Ick - Germs (unless their Mom's)

You have probably seen this.  You may have done this.  The first time I saw this I was a little bit grossed out and thought "Oooh Ick".  But apparently, I was wrong - well maybe.

A new research study is underway that is showing that perhaps Moms cleaning their baby's binkies by sucking on them first and "self-cleaning" may have some benefit for their kids.  Maybe.

The research is early and the numbers of testers is still relatively small and to the researchers credit they say that this may or may not indicate a benefit.  But the results at this preliminary stage are promising and worth considering.


The most important thing that has come out of this study, for me at least, is a reminder to all of us moms (and Non-moms) that we shouldn't stare at other moms with a judgemental eye when we see them doing something that we think We Would Never Do!  It is one thing if it is down right harmful like hitting or shouting horrible things to …

Mother’s Day Resolutions- What I Really Want for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Resolutions- What I Really Want for Mother’s Day By: Jesseca Stenson
This will be my 5th Mother’s Day, but only my 2nd as a stay at home mom. I struggled at first after making the switch from working mom. To be honest, I felt kind of lost. That’s why for this Mother’s Day, I’ve come up with 5 things I really want that don’t cost a thing- and that I can do for myself.
1. Make time for me: I need to realize it’s ok to need a break sometimes. Being a cook, maid, homework helper, toy finder, schedule keeper, boo boo kisser, chauffer, dog walker, bath giver, and everything else I manage to do can take its toll. I need to pencil in some me time- whether it’s unwinding with a glass of wine, dinner with friends (and no kids), exercising, or some guilty pleasure TV watching. Needing a break doesn’t make me less of a mom. In fact, recognizing I need some time alone makes me a better one.
2. Shut my phone off: I also work from home on occasion, so you can usually find me with my phone in…

What to do about Mommy Burnout?

One of our Stay at Home Mom Community moms on facebook wrote in with a question about what to do about Mommy Burnout.  She has 3 kids with 2 of them being 3 year old twin boys.  She doesn't have family around and so she is the only source of support.

Getting into a play group is ideal but if that is not possible here are a few other tips from some seasoned Stay at Home Moms:


Thank you so much for writing. Yes - we have been there. Even when you have alot of family around you can still have mommy burnout. There is nothing more active than twin 3 year old boys. One 3 year old boy can wear you out.

Stay as calm as you can - they can sense anxiety and they feed off of it like an energy source. The more calm you are the better.

They may seem little but include them in every chore. Get them putting dishes away - have them help you fold laundry - etc. This may seem like it takes more energy and on occasion dishes get broken and clothes get put away wrinkly but I am tel…