Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What to do about Mommy Burnout?

One of our Stay at Home Mom Community moms on facebook wrote in with a question about what to do about Mommy Burnout.  She has 3 kids with 2 of them being 3 year old twin boys.  She doesn't have family around and so she is the only source of support.

Getting into a play group is ideal but if that is not possible here are a few other tips from some seasoned Stay at Home Moms:


Thank you so much for writing. Yes - we have been there. Even when you have alot of family around you can still have mommy burnout. There is nothing more active than twin 3 year old boys. One 3 year old boy can wear you out.

Stay as calm as you can - they can sense anxiety and they feed off of it like an energy source. The more calm you are the better.

They may seem little but include them in every chore. Get them putting dishes away - have them help you fold laundry - etc. This may seem like it takes more energy and on occasion dishes get broken and clothes get put away wrinkly but I am telling you it is WORTH it. Right now is the turning point - starting next year they will begin to develop their grown up memories and so if you start them out helping you with every chore they will never have a memory where this wasn't something they did. So many moms of teenagers write in asking how to get their teenager to clean their room and we ask them when they started asking them to clean their own room? The answer is usually around 10 or 11 but by them the kids remember mom doing it and so why should they?

Right now is probably the most challenging physically for you so make sure you are taking care of yourself. A glass of wine at night might sound good but you won't sleep as well - you will wake up way more rested if you have a nice chamomile tea (with a little sweetener) at night. Take care of yourself.

Have your boys do squats with you. Squats are the very best exercise for moms. Strengthens your legs and your core. Have the boys do this with you.

Make everything fun - You deserve it.

Then - join the conversation at and let us know how you are doing - what is working for you. We could have a moms of twins hangout over there and you can talk with other stay at home moms. It's OK if there are screaming children in the background.

Enjoy this time. It may seem exhausting but it also goes by really fast. Before you know it they will be off to school and then doing every sport and then off to college. It goes by fast.