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Thanksgiving Countdown: Kids in the kitchen

Growing up my Grandfather would always take all of the kids on a really long walk on Thanksgiving day. It was always a fun adventure but as it turns out there was an alternative motive to this outing. Mom and Grandma would stay behind and have a calm and quiet kitchen to work in and when we got back we would be pretty worn out from the walk and so we would play board games or other quiet games until dinner was ready.

This morning I saw a segment on a morning show about crafts to keep the kids busy - and "out of the kitchen" - on Thanksgiving day.

While we love crafts, and we love a good outing on Thanksgiving morning, we also think kids Should be in the kitchen on Thanksgiving.

Here are some Stayathomemom Tips for Kids in the Kitchen on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is about coming together as a family and giving thanks for all of our blessings. Each person in the family is a part of that blessing and brings something to community.


Give each kid their own Apron to make…