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Win a 7 Day Stay at Diamond Resorts

You can Win a 7 Day Stay At #DiamondResorts | Family Vacation Time! (Check out below for details.  This is part of a promotion by Vacation of a Lifetime As a stay at home mom planning a vacation for a family with toddlers does not always seem like a vacation at all.  It can just seem like more work.  Planning a vacation not only can be exhausting but a budget buster too.  But now, years later, I wouldn't have traded our week at a Caribbean getaway for all the money in the world. You have probably seen the commercial with a 5 or 6 year old girl sitting in the driver seat of a car as her dad gives her driving instructions.  This is just crazy. No one would let a 6 year old drive the car.  But then the camera flashes to the reality of the situation and the girl is actually a teen who is old enough to drive and it becomes clear that even though this girl is old enough to drive her father still sees her as his 6 year old darling child. This has been my

Happy Mother's Day

From all of us at Stay at Home Mom we hope you have a very HAPPY Mother's Day! We would love to share your favorite Mother's Day picture. Add your pic to the Stayathomemomcommunity on Facebook or on Google+ for a chance to win a special Stay at Home Mom Mother's Day gift.