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5 Tips for Creating a Healthy Environment for Kids

Guest Post by: Jana Free

Moms want the best for their kids. They want their children to feel good and to be happy. They want them with smiles on their faces and joy in their heart.

As a mom, do you often wonder if there is some kind of magic object that you can pull out of a hat, or a magic spell you could cast, to create this perfect scenario? I’m pretty sure there’s no object or spell, but I do know that a healthy environment is like a magic wand that can keep kids’ eyes bright and their bodies full of good energy.

How do we moms create a healthy environment for our kids? We focus on keeping physical spaces clean and we do more. We make sure that each aspect of our kids’ lives is as free from toxins as we can get it. Which means we look at the food we eat as well as the attitude we keep.

The following are 5 tips for creating a healthy environment for kids.

1. Model Good Food Choices

Children usually eat what they’re served and what they see others eating. As moms, it’s important that we s…