Intentionally planned Nothing to Do

Summer vacation is near and as Moms we all dread the words "MOMMMM, I'm Borrrrred". But I say Let them Be Bored! Make sure you intentionally plan days during your summer break when there is nothing on the calendar and nothing to do.

Our kids are growing up in a much different time than we did. There is constantly something going on or some show to watch or some game to play. As a Mom we want the best for our kids and we are always trying to provide them with constructive activities that will foster their sense of imagination and educational growth. But it is also important to show them that they can be fine on their own without a million other things going on. We don't need to provide them with art supplies so that they are constantly busy. We can have books lying around and other items for them to play with but let them figure it out on their own.


One thing we used to do when the kids were younger was to tell them that our TV / Computer Screen was on vacation. For one week during the summer we would cover up the TV with a blanket and let it have its proper vacation. After all, it needed a rest too. (As it turned out it was always harder for the parents than the kids especially after two days).

The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood has an interesting website with a number of fact sheets for parents. Visit

But even with a TV in your home it is possible to over schedule your kids. Give them an opportunity to see what they can come up with on their own and applaud their creativity. Remember they are looking to you for an example so as best as you can bring joy in to even the quiet moments.

There will be days during the summer when it seems like the day will never end but it does. And soon kids are out on their own and then you will need to be able to fill your day without all the commotion of kid activities.

Enjoy every quiet moment together when you can. And when the kids complain that they are bored you can smile and play patty cake or read a book or whatever you want because you have planned time with Nothing to Do.


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