Memorial Day Weekend and Great Moms

Welcome Back!

Life always does seem to come full circle. We take care of our kids and then they take care of us. But first we are those children who were raised by the people in our lives that we most look up to. In some cases they don't always deserve our admiration but they always get it. In those lucky cases (like mine) we are blessed with a Mom who not only gives us a safe environment where we can grow and develop our own talents before leaving the comforts of home to take on the great big world, but also they make it really really fun along the way.

We have been on a little hiatus here taking care of one of the worlds most amazing Stay at Home Moms. She lived life every single day. Not just lived it but celebrated it. The short version of the story is that cancer sucks. The even shorter version of the story is that we were lucky to have a Mom in our lives who, up to her last breath, was looking forward to the next party.

Memorial Day has become mostly just a three day weekend for many of us. Some say Memorial Day is a day to pay tribute to those troops who fought and died for us securing our freedom. That was the original intent anyway. And with no disrespect to any of our brave service men and women I will be spending this Memorial Day celebrating life in memory of my Mom. She did not serve in the military but she certainly fought the good fight at the end of her life and taught me about living a life of grace.

So, in her spirit we are rededicating the Stay at Home Mom blog to the celebration of life. Living it every day and encouraging each other to do and be our best every day. Love one another and Live and Let Live. Some days if all we can do is to be kind to each other then we have had a pretty good day.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

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