"Lazy Summer"

by Corri Riebow

Ahh....the lazy days of summer. Days spent on the beach, fresh lemonade and iced tea, catching fireflies and roasting marshmallows over a camp fire. Yup, those are the days. Well, sort of.......

We've got the days spent on the beach....of our creek that is, but so far I feel like summer is flying by and we haven't even done half of what I want to do! Here we are at July already!

I think Imogen and I are finally getting used to being with eachother all day every day again. Do you know what I mean? It didn't seem like such a transition last summer but Imogen was also not in school 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. I had high hopes of maintaining a schedule, including her doing some educational activities and quiet reading time. I was also hoping to sleep in until 8a.m. Ha! 

Oh well....we stay at home moms do what we can.There are moments when Imogen wants to read books or work in one of the work books I got her but for the most part we're flying by the seat of our pants here right now.

I've also had to back off on both of my home-based businesses a bit. I've made jewelry for years (www.facebook.com/pariscreekjewelry) and have been a Thirty-One consultants for a year and a half (www.mythirtyone.com/criebow). Finding the time to make jewelry has been a challenge and I've hardly  scheduled anything with Thirty-One. BUT that is ok because my customers are patient and I know that we will never have this summer again. 

Fourth of July is coming up and my husband is taking most of the week off and I'm really excited to spend more time together as a family. I have never regretted becoming a stay at home mom and I'm pretty sure I never will. Here's to a fabulous summer!


About Corri

Corri was a receptionist at an animal hospital for nearly 10 years before the opportunity arose to become a stay at home mom. She married her high school sweetheart, John in 2005 and their only child together, a daughter, was born in 2007. She also has a teenage step-daughter. Corri also runs her own jewelry business from home as well as a being a consultant in direct sales, gardener, animal care giver, crafter and mini-farmer.  


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