Female fertility: What's testosterone got to do with it?

Research shows male hormones may enhance IVF therapy

The use of testosterone to improve outcomes in women undergoing in vitro fertilization is taking hold across the country, but data on its use is slim and mixed. A new study suggests that the male hormone might actually be doing something good by helping drive the development of follicles -- structures that contain and ultimately release an egg that can be fertilized by a man's sperm. The authors believe the study provides potential biological targets to enhance fertility in women with diminished ovarian reserve, who produce few or no follicles in response to IVF drugs designed to boost follicle development.

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COMMENT: For families struggling to get pregnant this process can be long, expensive, and uncomfortable.  While more research is needed it is good to read what scientists are looking at to make this process easier for families going through the process of IVF.


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