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Type 1 diabetes: Vitamin D deficiency occurs in early stage

Low levels of vitamin D are commonly found in people with type 1 diabetes. But even children who have multiple positive islet autoantibodies without manifest type 1 diabetes have lower levels of vitamin D in their blood. This does not appear, however, to influence the progression of the disease from pre-diabetes to diabetes, according to scientists.

"Vitamin D deficiency precedes the onset of type 1 diabetes. This may be a consequence of an immune response," one author says. "In the case of pre-diabetic children, we must therefore be mindful of the risk of vitamin D deficiency and consider recommending vitamin D supplementation at an early stage of type 1 diabetes."

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COMMENT: What does this mean for the typical Stay at Home Mom? While each child is unique and our children may not have diabetes this study is important because it stresses having the right balance of Vitamin D in our children's diet - sunshine may not be enough.

Telling our children to "Go outside and play" may not be enough.


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