A Week of Gratitude: Friday

We can't ignore Black Friday.

It is strange to have such a wonderful holiday immediately followed by a day called "Black Friday". I understand that the term Black Friday is supposed to be a good thing - it is the day that retailers everywhere go into the Black for the year which means they have made money and are no longer in the Red. I do understand wanting to get a good deal on a product. Saving money is one of the best things a Stay at Home Mom can do for her family. Keeping a handle on the family budget is vital.

On Thanksgiving day we gather and celebrate family time and we relax together. On Friday we leave the comfort of our warm homes to wait in crazy lines early in the morning for a chance at a great deal? This doesn't make alot of sense to me.

If you are a Black Friday shopper you may be reading this post on your smartphone while you wait in line but most likely you are checking your coupons and just trying to stay warm.  But when you do see this perhaps you can chime in on the Stay at Home Mom Community page on Facebook and let us know what you love about Black Friday.

This year though many people are skipping the lines altogether and going online. Retailers are embracing this with the phrase "Merry Clickmas". Not sure how I feel about that phrase. On one hand I really don't like that Christmas is reduced to a "Shopportunity" - on the other hand I do like when companies are making it easier for me to shop online which in turns gives me more time at home with my family.  I like shopping at 11pm at night while I'm sitting on my couch.

So on this day of mixed emotions I am especially filled with gratitude that I do not have to go shopping today.

(I may be heading off to the Black Friday sales on Amazon for some great deals but I'll be doing that from the comfort of my own home and then getting back to playing board games with the kids and enjoying a Turkey sandwich)


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