A Week of Gratitude: Wednesday

Final Prep Day.

Today is Wednesday before Thanksgiving and it is time to do the final checklist to make sure we have everything for tomorrow.

The thing I am grateful for today is the ability to live and learn.  Years ago we did THE major Thanksgiving Faux Pas. We forgot to pull the turkey out of the freezer to let it thaw before Thanksgiving day.  After that fateful holiday we learned that you don't do that. My husband made a checklist so that would never happen again. And we were grateful that some restaurants and grocery stores are still open on Thanksgiving day.

Today we are Grateful for the ability to learn from our mistakes.

Here are a couple of famous mistakes that worked!

The Chocolate Chip Cookie: When Ruth Wakefield of The Tollhouse Inn couldn't find her chocolate powder to make chocolate cookies she broke off pieces of a semi sweet chocolate bar and put them in the cookie dough expecting the chocolate to melt into the dough. The bits stuck and we now have a classic cookie to thank for this mistake!

Potato Chips: Not only were they a mistake but they were invented out of spite. A chef irritated with a customers request for thinner potato slices went to, what he thought, was an extreme and sent out a batch of uber extremely thin potato slices deep fried. They were a hit!

Post-It Notes: An inventor was aiming to make a super strong adhesive but it the glue turned out to be too weak. When it was spread on paper it could be pulled apart easily. Later, another person took that same glue and put it on the back of a small piece of paper to mark his place in a hymnal. Voila!

Read More Classic Mistakes that made Good HERE

Today, when you make a mistake, be Grateful! 

But just in case check out How to Defrost a Turkey from Butterball 


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