Curb the Chaos: 5 Ways to Prepare to Host the Holidays

The holidays offer family and friends a chance to gather together to celebrate the season's joy. In order to enjoy the revelry of family, food and fun, it helps to have a plan in place prior to the celebration. Here are 5 tips to think about to prepare your home for the holidays:

Plan Your Meals

With family and other guests arriving, you will have extra people dining with you. Make certain that enough food is on hand so that you aren't rushing to the grocery store at the last minute. First, create a list of basic items you will need like milk, butter, bread and other essentials. In addition, include snack items on your list so that in-between meals you avoid hunting for suitable foods in your pantry. Ask guests prior to arrival if there are food allergies and what foods are acceptable substitutes. Shop for your items prior to hosting your guests. You may want to plan your grocery shopping in phases over a few days to build in time to return to the store for forgotten items. Pick easy meals, like crockpot recipes or one-skillet dishes to accommodate groups of people without the hassle of cooking several different meals.

Order Online

Looking for a pretty centerpiece for your dining table or decorations for your home? An optimal way to shop without the fuss is to order d├ęcor on online. You can order a festive centerpiece your family and friends will love, from a site like FTD. Shopping for gifts online is another convenient way to avoid hunting for presents and the hassle of waiting in lines. You don't have to compromise quality for convenience as many sites provide the same items online as they do in the store.

Arrange Sleeping Arrangements

A key part of your guests' stay is their sleeping accommodations. Prior to their arrival, assess how many beds you will need. If you require more beds, anticipate borrowing or buying air mattresses for guests to sleep. Check that sheets and pillows are clean and an extra blanket is in each bedroom. Try to put each guest in their own space for privacy, but if that is not possible, at least keep families with young kids in one room.

Organize Guest Bathrooms

Amenities are important in guest bathrooms. Make certain that all bathrooms are equipped with hand soap, toothpaste, body wash and shaving cream. Keep hand and bath towels in an accessible place so they are visible to your guests. Stock the bathrooms with extra toilet paper and baby wipes for convenience. Before they arrive, check the bathroom to determine that it is clean and no extraneous items are scattered on countertops or in the tub.

Safety-Proof the House

Making certain that everyone is safe during the holidays is of primary importance. If young children are coming to visit, confirm that plugs are childproofed, cabinets possess a safety lock and sharp objects or glass are out of a child's reach. Check the batteries in your fire alarms to confirm that they work properly. In the kitchen, keep a working fire extinguisher on hand. Avoid burning candles during holiday time to avoid any unnecessary emergencies with children and the pace of holiday activities.

The holidays are an opportunity to celebrate. It is possible to cut down the stress of hosting with some advance preparation to ensure that both the guests and host enjoy the season's cheer.


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