January Reading List

On Christmas day we ran into some friends of ours and our son asked our friend's daughter if she got everything she wanted for Christmas. She said, without hesitation, "Well, I got books and chocolate. So...YES!"  January is a great time to start your kids on a year long reading challenge.

When a kid loves reading they will do better in school. So giving them the gift of a love for books is one of the best thing you can do for your child.

Here are some of our favorite all time books to get the year started.

Very Very Young

We Love Chicka Chicka Boom Boom because it is fun to look at and it is even more fun to read out loud. Let's face it, we want everything to be fun for our kids but if we are having fun too then it is even better. Not every kids book is fun for us to read. And you know that one word that kids love most is "AGAIN!". When they find something they like they want to do that thing over and over again. Kids will love it if you tell them the same joke over and over again if it made them laugh the first time they heard it. They will want to watch a favorite movie over and over again. And for sure they will want you to read their favorite book to them over and over again. So make sure the books you bring to them are ones are you are ready to read A Million Gazillion times.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is a book I never got tired of reading to the kids.

First to Second Graders

We received an advance copy of this book and can see how this would be a fun book to read together just before lights out. Not only does it make reading fun but it makes math fun too. Bedtime Math is the perfect combination of fun and games mixed with calm down its bedtime.

My oldest son used to love it when we would read a book together just before lights out but he would add his own special twist to it. One night we were reading a particularly serious book and when I told him that was it for the night he said, "OK, tell me a joke. Everyone should have a good laugh before they go to sleep".  I have remembered that sweet little moment and cherish it. It's true. One of the best things we can do for our kids is make them feel safe, loved, and happy as we tuck them into bed each night.  Some nights that entire bedtime routine is exhausting. As parents we want to get to sleep even more than our kids do. But these quiet moments with our kids are so important. 

Bedtime Math can help you end your day with some fun and a few laughs. 

Young Readers

Encyclopedia Brown: This was one of my favorite series of books. Of course, I wanted to be a detective after reading these books but there was something even more interesting that happened as a result of reading this series. I rocked the SAT. What? YES! 

Years later as I was taking the SAT test (the test you take to apply to college) I was amazed how many of the story problems and reading problems that were very familiar. The problems presented in the SAT were not taken directly from the story lines of Encyclopedia Brown but the patterns were the same. I recognized the logic patterns from stories I had read 10 years earlier. Reading Encyclopedia Brown taught me to think things through logically and not always jump to the simple assumption. The SAT has probably changed significantly since the time I took it but being able to think outside of the box will never become obsolete.

The Phantom Tollbooth: Every kid can relate to Milo. Milo was bored. There was NOTHING to do. This is the beginning a grand adventure that goes into wild areas of imagination.

This is a perfect read for a long rainy weekend or a vacation. And it is a particularly excellent solution for a kid who complains that there is nothing to do.

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Next time let's chat about Teen Readers!


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