SuperBowl XLIX Family Style

It is time for Super Bowl Sunday and for us that means family time.  The Christmas ornaments are finally in boxes and ready to be stored for another year down in the basement. The trip to Costco for massive bags of chips and giant tubs of salsa has been wrapped up. The team T-shirts are clean and ready to go.  We're about ready. 

Top 5 reasons Super Bowl XLIX (49) is Family Friendly

1. A moment FROZEN in Time

Or Idina Menzel sings the National Anthem

Idina used to be known for her portrayal of Elphaba in the Broadway musical Wicked but now is best known by every single kid in the Universe as the voice of Elsa in the Disney movie "Frozen". Videos of kids singing Let it Go have gone viral on YouTube. But most importantly, Idina is singing the National Anthem at this year's Super Bowl. If you have any Frozen fans in your house you will definitely want to make sure you are in front of the TV in time the the National Anthem.



We love Phoenix but one thing that makes this year's Super Bowl Family Friendly is that the weather in Phoenix should be reasonable and so we won't have to feel guilty while we watch the event from our warm comfy livingrooms while fans and players freeze their tushes off in some snowing / freezing rain pelted stadium. 

3. Super Bowl Ads and HASHTAGS

In the past the Super Bowl has not been known for it's family friendly ads but companies that purchase these wildly expensive spots are realizing that they have a short amount of time to connect with their potential consumer - and they are going to pay alot of money for that potential connection. Nissan is launching an ad featuring the hashtag #withdad. This is just one ad but we expect that there will be more of a focus on the family than there ever has been before.

We expect to see more hashtags and other ways to connect with the brand even after the ad is over.

Even though we are also expecting the ads to be more family friendly than they have in the past there is still going to be a Victoria Secret ad with the girls in their angel wings and bras. Not super family friendly but in our opinion better than the suggestive commercial of Paris Hilton washing a car and eating a juicy hamburger at the same time (really?).

Let us know about your favorite commercial on the Stay at Home Mom community Facebook Page - and let us know what your least favorite commercial was too. There are several new, smaller, advertisers lined up for this year.

4. Family GAME TIME

Roman Numerals

This year is Super Bowl 49 but you won't see the 4 and the 9 used that often - for the most part the Super Bowl is known by it's roman numerals.  This year it is XLIX. 

Have some fun with Roman Numerals:

  • draw out all the roman numerals and have people fill in what number matches up with each letter. 
  • Write out and have them figure out what that means 
  • Create some math problems X + L = ?

Find the Teams

Get a map of the US and have the kids point out where Seattle, Phoenix, and Washington DC are on the map. You can also extend this to other teams if you are having fun.

One way to make this more fun for little kids is to print off little football helmets from various teams (Google images can provide you with sheets of helmet logos) then cut them out and have kids put the helmet where they think the team is from on the map.

5. Cheering for something together as a FAMILY

Otherwise known as "The teachable moment"

Sporting events can bring us together as a family and give us something to cheer for and to boo at.  Sports supply great metaphors for just about everything in life and the Super Bowl is filled with Super Metaphors.
This can be a teachable moment for young kids. The people on the Seahawks team are good people. The folks on the Patriots team are good people. We don't actually know any one of them personally. Even still we are going to cheer for one team or the other even though we probably don't know a single person on either team in real life. This is a good chance for us to talk to our kids about how just like in the SuperBowl we will experience times in our lives when people don't like us for some weird unknown reason. They just won't like us. They may even cheer for our failure. But that really has nothing to do with who we really are inside. 

Or you can just cheer for your favorite team for the heck of it and really not make anything of it at all.

Just have fun!

Happy Super Bowl Weekend

* I didn't mention Katy Perry because in her SuperBowl preview poster she is wearing less than a Victoria Secret Model and so we cannot vouch for the halftime show being family friendly. Not much of a wardrobe malfunction if there is no wardrobe to worry about.


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